Back Pain

Clarksville Chiropractic Relief

If you are experiencing physical discomfort in your back or surrounding area, Hillcrest Chiropractic can reduce your suffering. Back pain is an extremely common ailment that can be the result of injury or illness in which misaligned spinal vertebrae or inflamed muscle causes aches, spasms, and tenderness. Our medically trained professional chiropractors can properly align or decompress your spine for immediate and long-term relief.

The four sections of your spine include the:

  • Lumber spine
  • Cervical spine
  • Thoracic spine
  • Sacral spine/tailbone

Depending on where in the four spinal sections your pain originates, your back pain can include neck stiffness, strained muscles, and pain during activity. We look at each of these sections to accurately diagnose and treat your back pain. Treatment can include realignment and/or spinal decompression to release tight muscles, pinched nerves, and other painful problems.For chiropractic care, targeted pain management, injury rehabilitation, and preventative services, contact our Clarksville chiropractor at (931)906-9679. Ask about our free consultation options for new patients as well!

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