Auto Accident Pain Relief

Clarksville Chiropractic Aid

Though your vehicle may only a couple scratches after an accident, your body may feel like it’s been directly hit by a bus. Even at low speeds, auto accidents can cause painful physical injuries. Our highly experienced chiropractors at Hillcrest Chiropractic have years of medical training to diagnosis and treat pain from auto collisions. We strive to provide the best care possible to relieve your pain.

Payment options for pain relief after an auto accident include:

  • Your auto insurance
  • Your health insurance
  • Driver at fault’s insurance

Immediately following the auto accident you may have felt nausea or experienced blurred vision, headaches, or dizziness. These symptoms can be a sign of whiplash. If you are suffering from neck and/or back pain or stiffness, our Clarksville chiropractic services can provide pain relief with spinal realignment and decompression. For chiropractic care, targeted pain management, injury rehabilitation, and preventative services, contact our Clarksville chiropractor at (931)906-9679. Ask about our free consultation options for new patients as well!

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