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Text Neck

Text Neck

You probably stare at your phone or scroll on your computer as you read this. Nothing is wrong with this, but the continued overreliance on our digital screens has a detrimental effect on our health. The poor posture we adopt when interacting with digital devices puts pressure on the spine and neck, resulting in text neck, sometimes called tech neck.

Curious to learn more about this condition? Please continue scrolling as Hillcrest Chiropractic explains everything you need to know about text neck.

Symptoms of Text Neck

An average smartphone user spends about 2-4 hours a day interacting with their digital device. While this prolonged use of your phone may cause eyestrain, it also causes a strain on your neck. As you tilt your head forward to read that text or chat with a friend, this weight adds pressure on the spine and neck, resulting in numerous unpleasant symptoms. The common symptoms of text neck include:

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Arm pain
  • Numbness
  • Neck stiffness

If you experience the above symptoms, please book an appointment with a chiropractor for diagnosis and treatment. Patients who delay treatment for text neck require more comprehensive treatment down the road.

How Does Our Chiropractor Help with Text Neck?

Once our chiropractor diagnoses the cause of your neck pain, he may use one or a combination of the below chiropractic treatments:

Chiropractic Adjustments

We gently align your spinal and neck joints to reduce pressure on the compressed nerves and other soft tissues. Furthermore, chiropractic adjustments trigger your body’s self-healing mechanism to provide whole-body wellness.

Stretching Exercises

Therapeutic exercises restore mobility, manage pain, and strengthen your muscles to avoid injuries in the future.

Massage Therapy

This treatment relaxes tense muscles and speeds up recovery by encouraging blood circulation. After treating your neck pain, we will advise you on ways to prevent text neck. We recommend taking breaks, maintaining a proper posture, exercising, and reducing phone time.

Chiropractic Care near Me

Have you been struggling with text neck? Our chiropractor in Clarksville, TN, can help. Book an appointment with Hillcrest Chiropractic for pain management by calling (931) 906-9679.


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